In our practice we offer detailed advise about various forms of contraception. Contraception is a matter which concerns many women from puberty to menopause. The so-called Pearl Index (PI) provides information on the effectiveness of contraceptive methods.

Hormonal Contraception

Pill and mini-pill

Combination product of estrogen and progesterone with good cycle-control and favorable cosmetic effect on the skin. Suitable for women up to 35 without particular risk factors.

Contraceptive patch

Plaster which is attached to the upper arm or buttocks once a week for a total of three weeks. Acts like a low-dosed pill.

Depo-Provera (Three-Month-Injection)

Progesterone is administered every three months. This form of contraception is ideal from the age of 40, when family-planning is completed.

Contraceptive/Vaginal ring

Plastic ring which is inserted into the vagina every four weeks and remains there for three weeks. Acts like a low-dosed pill.

Implant (Implanon)

Progesterone in the form of a small rod is placed under the skin in the upper arm. This provides protection for three years.

Estrogen-free pill

An estrogen-free anovulant for those who, for whatever reason, want or need to abstain from estrogen. Can also be used during breastfeeding.

Local contraception

Coil/IUD with progesterone (Jaydess ®, Kyleena ®, Mirena ®)

A small plastic carrier containing progesterone is placed in the uterus during the period or a few weeks after delivery and can remain there for five years. Suitable for all women, especially women with strong and painful periods. Very high contraceptive safety.

Gynefix ® copper chain

A new, particularly well-tolerated and hormone-free contraceptive method. Gynefix ® is more compatible than regular IUDs (copper coils), has fewer side effects and serves protection against an unwanted pregnancy for five years!

IUD (Intrauterine device)

Contraceptive coil with copper as an active ingredient. Serves for 3-5 years. Stronger and more painful periods are experienced often. Good contraceptive safety.

Gold Coil/IUD /h4>

The gold coil is characterised by great safety, small size and good compatibility. It’s considered a very safe method of contraception. With good compatibility, it can protect for five years.

Condoms and other methods

Condoms are the only contraceptives that can protect against STDs and infections such as HIV. When used correctly, they are relatively safe. Latex-free condoms for allergy-sufferers are also available everywhere.

Natural contraception

The determination of fertile days in the female cycle is also a method to prevent pregnancy. This is possible with temperature measurements and cervical mucus observation, but there are also newer, ‘more technological’ methods such as the contraceptive computer:


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