Young girls have very different demands towards their gynaecologist today compared to previous generations. In the generation of their mothers, the first menstrual period arrived around the 14th birthday and they were about 17 years old when they had their first boyfriend.

Nowadays, girls often get their period with 11 or 12 and should therefore see a gynaecologist at this age. Contraception is also becoming a topic earlier than 20 or 30 years ago. Unfortunately, many teenage girls often experience itching, vaginal discharge or yeast infections in their teens and wish for help and advice concerning the prevention of these things.

Many question arise (‘How do I protect myself from diseases or pregnancy?’, ‘What is ‘normal’ regarding sexuality?’, ‘How strong should my bleeding be?’) which want to be answered in a competent and open way.

I offer detailed contraceptive advice especially for our young patients.

Learn about cervical cancer. You can protect yourself against it with a vaccine! 
- Vaccination against cervical cancer


Therefore, it is important to choose a gynaecologist you trust and who is understanding towards young girls.

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