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You should have a check-up at your gynaecologist once or twice a year. In addition to the palpation examination, a cell smear (PAP smear), an evaluation of the vaginal flora and a breast examination are carried out. It is recommended to also have an ultrasound examination once a year.

A gentle examination is not painful. A mammogram (chest X-ray by a radiologist) should be considered starting with the age of 40 or in case of conspicuous palpation findings such as nodules. 

The ultrasound examination through the vagina is completely painless. The ovaries, uterus and uterine lining (important for women undergoing hormone therapy) are examined. Hence, any changes can be detected or excluded in time.


  • minimally invasive surgeries (diagnostic laparoscopies, operative laparoscopies)
  • uterine endoscopy and curettages
  • hysterectomies and ovary surgery
  • pelvic floor surgery and urinary incontinence surgery

Surgeries for additionally insured patients will be done at Goldenes Kreuz.


A mammography (chest x-ray) is recommended (potentially in addition to an ultrasound) from the age of 40.

Starting with the age of 40, a mammogram should be done every two years, in some cases earlier e.g in cases with risk factors such as familial predisposition. 

After the beginning of menopause it is advised for a mammography to be done once per year.

Pregnancy and obstetric care

Obstetric care and the place of birth have a decisive effect on the birth process. Only if you feel well cared for and trust an intimate environment and your gynaecologist, you can concentrate and let go. 

I am happy to be by your side in these important times.

For private patients preferably at Goldenes Kreuz.

Wish to have children

More and more women come into their gynaecologists practice with the wish to have children, however, it just won’t work the natural way. Here is where I offer quick and competent help.

Cancer prevention

Cell changes in the cervix have been increasing in Western Europe and the US over the past 20 years. 3-5% of women are affected - predominantly aged 25-40.
Protect yourself and have a check-up regularly!
You also have the option to get vaccinated against cervical cancer.


Acupuncture as a method of therapy originates from traditional Chinese medicine. The principle is thousands of years old and is based on the balance between Yin and Yang - hot and cold.
Webs on the body’s surface (meridians) can be influenced with needles at precisely defined points.

Healing with plants

Working with medicinal plants has a long tradition in many cultures. For centuries, herbal juices, mixtures, powders and teas were the main weapons in the arsenal of those fighting plagues and diseases.                                                                                    

Especially in gynaecology, where discussions about hormone therapy have been increasing in recent years, a great need for this ancient knowledge about natural herbs is found.

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