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Acupuncture as a method of therapy originates from traditional Chinese medicine. The principle is thousands of years old and is based on the balance between Yin and Yang - hot and cold. Webs on the body’s surface (meridians) can be influenced with needles at precisely defined points.

Even during pregnancy, acupuncture has been used for a long time:

  • in order to ease birth and prepare the body for labor, the duration of birth should be shortened
  • for severe pregnancy sickness or vomiting
  • in case of breech presentations
  • for back pain, gastritis, itching, etc.
  • in puerperium to speed up regression
  • to promote milk flow and reduce breastfeeding problems

Usually acupuncture to ease brith is started in the 35th week of pregnancy and performed once a week for about 30 minutes.

Even outside of pregnancy and breastfeeding many diseases can be treated with acupunture.
Back pains, lumboischialgia, tensions at the musculoskeletal system, headaches and migraines respond well to this method. To help with diets and smoking cessation, so-called ‘permanent needles’ can be set.

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